Jana Zornik is a fashion artefact designer and maker merging craft and artistic sensibility into original, unique body-related objects.

She works at the intersection between fashion, craft and fine art. Her style is romantic and bold with an emphasis on material exploration, incorporating and translating found pieces of objects or nature into her work. Her practice is process and concept led. Zornik tackles areas of emotional states, identities and memories delivering an intimate reconsideration of ordinary life. From fashion adornments to abstract accessories and narrative-based fantasy objects to perfume bottles and jewellery, the function of her pieces is to inspire and explore the imagination, creating emotional contact through a personal narrative crafted into the object.

Zornik graduated from London College of Fashion in MA Fashion Artefact and holds another MA in Fashion and Textile Design from the Faculty of Natural sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana with additional training at the Design Skolen Kolding and the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.
She has exhibited in the National Museum of Decorative Arts, Buenos Aires, ARG (2019); the Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana (2019); the YKK London Showroom (2018); the Designhuise (2009), Eindhoven under the curation of Lidewij Edelkoort among others. Her work has received many prizes and recognitions including being the International Talent Support: Fashion Accessories and Artwork double finalist and winner of the ITS Swatch Artwork prize (2016).

While producing her own collectable items, she works cross-disciplinary applying her practice to different creative areas and brands. She possesses the ability to make artistically and fashionably intriguing items. Open to creative commissions, collaborations.


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insta: @janazornik

Sarabande: The Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation
22 Hertford Rd,
London N1 5SH


Creative direction: Kairos studio
Art direction: Sebastian Vargas
Design and Typeface: Nolan Paparelli
Website: Lukas Stocklin and Pablo Perez

Films: Sebastian Vargas, Pablo Perez, Erika Marthins
Photographers: Cécilia Poupon, Clara Giaminardi, Helga, Michelle Marshall

Models: Noémie Balazs, Lucy Feng, Laura @ Named Models
Stylist: Cynthia Lawrence-John
Hair stylists: Hirokasu Endo, Ana Lazovski
Make-up artist: Jaimee Thomas

Little marta pictures for Vogue: Coordinated by Sara Maino