Jana Zornik is an award-winning fashion artefact designer with an inquisitive mind for creative solutions. She is currently an artist in residence at Sarabande: The Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation (on hold).

She graduated from London College of Fashion in MA Fashion Artefact and holds an MSc in Fashion and Textile Design from the Faculty of Natural sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana with additional training at the Design Skolen Kolding and the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.
Jana is interested in crafting stories, expressing emotions, identities and states of mind through creating items that exist in the realm of the body. These pieces are most often seen as poetic inventions, emotionally reflective and interactive body adornments. Inquisitive, highly creative re-invented pieces that seem to possess some sort of familiarity.
Their initial function is to inspire and nurture the imagination.
Jana is fascinated by materials and craftsmanship. Her rich educational background is shown in the ability to combine and apply different crafts techniques into her pieces in an unusual manner or results. In her practice, she combines the discarded and the valued in order to enhance each other. 
She designs along as she goes and gets inspired by materials and processes available at a certain moment as well from the daily life and her emotional response to it. She possesses the ability to see ordinary things in a different way, shaping them into artistically and fashionably beautiful fragile items.
Playing is the core part of her creative practice. The play is guided by the field of research and vice versa. Both are informing each other. Each piece is made from a humoristic, refined twist of the established. She works in a subversive and indulging way.

The nature of her work is interdisciplinary and her practice is applicable to different creative areas. So far she worked as Set Objects, Body accessories & Jewellery designer for Catwalks and Fashion presentations / Freelance Jewellery designer @The Swatch Group / Product designer at Swatch / Costume designer @ Slovenian National Theatre / Propman @ Slovenian national TV / Internshiped @ Phoebe English while producing her own projects.

Prizes, Distinctions & Practice

Studio resident @ Sarabande, Alexander Lee Mcqueen Foundation /
International Talent Support 2016:
ITS Accessories and ITS Artwork, finalist /
ITS Swatch Artwork, winner /
Fashion Matters Postgraduate Bursary /
The Fashion Matters MA Awards /
Better Lives Procter & Gamble Award /
The Special Achievement Award, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Natural Science and Engineering /
Award for the contribution to Sustainable Development of Society by Slovene Human Resources Development and Scholarship Fund.

Exhibited @:
YKK London Showroom, July-September 2018, London, UK /
Royal Visit, The ArcelorMittal Orbit, Olympic Project 2016, London, UK /
International Talent Support, 2016, Trieste, IT /
LCF MA Show, Victoria house, 2016, London, UK /
Month of Design, 2012, Ljubljana, SI /
"Talent 2009” curated by Lidewij Edelkoort, Designhuis, Eindhoven, Netherlands .


Sarabande Foundation
22 Hertford Rd,
London N1 5SH

hello@janazornik.com / insta: @janazornik


Creative direction: Kairos studio
Art direction: Sebastian Vargas
Design and Typeface: Nolan Paparelli
Website: Lukas Stocklin and Pablo Perez

Films: Sebastian Vargas, Pablo Perez, Erika Marthins
Photographers: Cécilia Poupon, Clara Giaminardi, Helga, Michelle Marshall

Models: Noémie Balazs, Lucy Feng, Laura @ Named Models
Stylist: Cynthia Lawrence-John
Hair stylists: Hirokasu Endo, Ana Lazovski
Make-up artist: Jaimee Thomas

Little marta pictures for Vogue: Coordinated by Sara Maino