A collection of traveling accessories and garments.

Garments, Textiles and Accessories.

A w a y is an intuitional continuation of the angelic research started in Jenny. The fethers that illusionary represent the real feathers are an interpretation of the everchanging "ether" (angelic matter). They are carried onto this project, finally finding its way into the garment. The footwear is a combination of sandals and tree trunk platforms. For some religions, the sandals are a substitute for the body of Immortals and also a mean of transportation through the air and a tool of immortality. Platforms are made of two halves of a tree trunk that together make a whole when standing with one foot next to the other. The person wearing them becomes a tree, symbolising life and a perpetual relation between the sky and the earth.' The timeframe of this project is different. The project is focused on the moment of passing away, packing and leaving. The moment of metamorphosis. The items contain moments of life ...blankets, quilts, summertime, school….and they serve as a journey pack: hobo bindle lunch box for the snacks, the school bag for the knowledge and the big summer hat against the sun… Regardless where we will land, we are safe.

Creative and art direction: Kairos Studio
Films: Sebastian Vargas & Pablo Perez

Additional photography: Personal Archive