A collection of traveling accessories and garments.

Garments, Textiles and Accessories.

A W A Y . is a collection of outfits and accessories dealing with the topic of decease and leaving. It is related to the previous project Jenny, where some of the materials and forms in this project derive from. For example the study of the angelic and the feathers. The outfits and accessories are made very organically and intuitively as the silhouettes find their own way of building up throughout the process. The moment of interest is leaving, taking an unknown jeurney. Each one of the items incorporated moments of life ...blankets, quilts, summertime, school…. little memories that we want to keep close to us during a journey irrespective of where we might land.

The project Jenny, from which Away is deriving from, became a study about the angelic merged with the travel into the memory.

The illusion that ether (angelic matter) creates every time it takes its “own” shape was transferred into the textile.
A feather is not a feather, it only looks like one. What we have here is an illusion of matter through form and texture.

'The footwear is a combination of leather sandals and tree trunk platforms . For some religions the sandals are a substitute for the body of Immortals and also a mean of transportation through air and a tool of immortality. Platforms are made of two halves of a tree trunk that together make a whole when standing with one foot next to the other. The person wearing them becomes a tree, symbolising life and a perpetual relation between the sky and the earth.'

Creative and art direction: Kairos Studio
Photography: Cecila Poupon
Model: Noémie Balazs
Films: Sebastian Vargas & Pablo Perez