Clinic for the Self

Work presented as part of A Human Experiece , solo exhibition at Gallery Velenje, SI; and Pressure Points: Holding bodies as collateral, Goldsmiths, London, UK. The Clinic for the Self is an expanded continuation of the idea started with "The Object for Self-Reflecting" which won the Swatch Artwork prize at the International Talent Support. The Clinic for the Self was initialy submitted and accepted for The Slovenien Pavilion at London Design Biennale 2018 : Emotional States by the Slovenien Embassy and the London Design Biennale, however it was never realized for the occasion and in that capacity due to financial requirments.

Objects, (interactive) sculptures, sound installation.

The Clinic for the Self is a place for Self rivitalisation. It is a series of interactive objects and sensoric spaces that helps the public with investigating and enhancing their inner self. It serves as a makeshift habitat for exploring our emotional states, discovering a more fulfilled, authentic, triumphant self, overcoming and addressing some of the pressing topics of everyday life mediating connection to oneself and to the others through the artefacts on the exhibit. It is a space for nurturing calmness, connection, grounding and exploration.

Inside-out , 2021.
Installation with soundscape.

Place or space?

A place where the sea-like soundscape evoked by the sound of breathing transports us to an outer space.

The piece “Inside-out” was initially created as a site-specific piece for the gallery Velenje. It works on its own as well as a part of a broader narrative of objects that together create The Clinic for the Self.
By extending the glass facade of the gallery into the inside space, a membrane is created; which encapsulates the visitor and takes away to a different mind-space. A moment of separation from the gallery space with a sea-like surround soundscape created out of artist’s own breathings eases the visitor into a mediative state where the time dissolves and the body lays idle, insubordinate to the worldly demands. Merging an inside situation with a calming, familiar sound of an outside experience (waves). The Inside-out restores and expands the sense of the Self.

Text by: artist Jana Zornik & curator Adrianna Marciniec

183 cm x 183 cm x 218 cm

Materials and techniques:
Greenhouse, painted glass, leather; sound.

Breathings by artist,
Recorded by Urban Košir, Natasha Zünd,
Composition by artist,
Copyrights by artist.

Photo top: Peter Žagar
Photo left: Raphael Thöme
Video: Urban Košir

Reflecting together, 2021.
Interactive sculpture

"Reflecting together" is a work in the shape of a medical room divider. Instead of the shades, the divider is made out of sheets of see through mirrors. When visitors stand on both sides simultaneously, they can see themselves and the other at the same time. The room divider that usually separates becomes a connector that encourages exchange, acceptance, and understanding and reminds us not to get lost in the other or vice versa. Finding a collective harmless way out of our unbalanced co-existence.

Text by: Jana Zornik

Her installation Reflecting together offers the opportunity to explore the presence of the self and the other at one time, by means of a glass that both reflects and allows to see through. Being able to simultaneously experience ourselves and others through visual exchange not only elicits a reflection on coexistence, but perhaps allows us to grasp our intertwining.

Text by: Federica Cammarata, curator of Pressure Points exhibition at Goldsmiths; guide print.

Taking the form of a see-through mirror glass medical room divider, the installation becomes a facilitator of visual exchange and collaborative exploration of presence. As a contrast to the separation experience of the room divider and the self-preocupied experience of a mirror, it instead offers a next-level experience of co-existence and connection.The reinvented function disrupts a conventional performance and creates a moment for the awareness of self and others, acting as a reminder to let go of the mind’s pressures.

Text by: Adrianna Marciniec, curator of Pressure Points exhibition at Goldsmiths; guide print.

L: 200 cm W: 50 cm H: 173 cm

Found object, Stopsol glass, ceramic wheels.

Image left : "Reflecting together" pictured together with the parformance "A room for Us" by Kate Gillies and Amaris Gillies. Pressure Points: Holding bodies as Collateral, group show of BA Curating class at Goldsmiths.

Photo left: Adrianna Marciniec
Video: Urban Košir.

Looking forward, 2021.

Looking forward speaks about the obsession over the future and how it takes the power of the present moment away from us.

Resin, metal, binoculars.

Photo left: Peter Žagar

The Enlightening Chamber, 2021.

The "Enlightening chamber" is the final piece from the "Clinic for the Self" series. It is a seating made of densely strung glass bulbs of different sizes, which create a magical texture. The lightbulbs gradually lighten up while a person is approaching, coming to its fullest when the visitor sits inside the chamber. Symbolically, the visitor is ready to absorb all the acquired inner wisdom, and the enlightenment process can begin.

Light bulbs, iron, arteficial porcelain, sensors.

Sensoric and electro engineer: Grega Krpič
Manufacture of metal parts: 3Mone

Photo top: Peter Žagar
Photo left: Aljoša Kravanja
Photo bottom: Jana Zornik
Video: Urban Košir

Photo left: Adrianna Marciniec
Photo last: Jana Zornik