The sound of slovenien language translated into prints and changeable garments.

Textiles and Garments.

The collection of outfits interprets the topic of National identity. Language is the characteristic that lives through people, changes constantly and reflects a culture best. The project deals with slovenian language. 3 sounds generated by 3 unique letters from slovenian alphabet are transformed into prints and garments. Those 3 letters are – ČŠŽ, named “šumniki” in Slovene, meaning “rustling voices” in English. The word “šumnik” derives from the word “šum”. “Šum” means = a soft, muffled crackling sound like that made by the movement of dry leaves or paper, so ČŠŽ are letters that are producing it. Every sound has his own oscilograme1. From oscillograms I’ve developed the patterns, prints and burnouts and I have mixed them with each other in order to get this noisy yet poetic feeling in the clothing.

Language is something that is “alive” and is changing all the time. Letters and words put in different parts of the sentence or text can change completely the meaning of it. That is why I developed changeable garments.
According on how the garment will be zipped or put on the body, the silhouette and the visible prints will appear differently. What we get is something new. The base silhouettes are made out of semicircles and triangles obtained from the typography of this 3 letters ČŠŽ.

Creative & art direction: Kairos Studio
Photography: Cecilia Poupon
Model: Nèomie Balazs
Video: Sebastian Vargas & Pablo Perez
Scans: Personal archive