Memories are recordings of our past. The present, becomes a memory in a moment. Thinking future necessarily includes the acquaintance of the past. The past is a record, a memory, an integral part of identity. Identity is the only future.

Garments, Textiles and Accessories.

Our memories contains the full transcript of ourselves, not only the facts but also emotions, intentions, taste, smells, thoughts, wishes, achievements… We are made of memories and we are one contemporaneously. They are not objective records. That is why this transcript is even more personal, unique and truly genuine.

The project Jenny refers to the memories about a close family member which I never knew because she passed away before I was born. The image of her that I build up through my childhood sparked from stories about heaven, angels, her beautiful belongings and exotic places linked to her and ended like an image of a graceful, divine presence that lives somewhere above clouds. As I grew older I got to know that she was a heavily handicapped child.

It became a study about the angelic merged with the travel into the memory. To the place of meeting.
“What are you made of?”
The illusion that ether (angelic matter) creates every time it takes its “own” shape was transferred into the textile.
A feather is not a feather, it only looks like one. Hair is not hair.. What we have here is an illusion of matter through form and texture.
Furthermore, the patterns were developed from the interstices between the ideal and reality. I draw on paper this graceful girl, blindfolded. What shows on the paper was a deformed image of that person. The plots of the drawings, with the help of OHP (overhead projector) become pattern parts that defined the silhouettes.

The footwear is a combination of leather sandals (for some religions, a substitute for the body of Immortals, and also a means of transportation through air and a tool of immortality) and tree trunk platforms. Platforms are made of two halves of a tree trunk that together make a whole when standing with one foot next to the other. The person wearing them becomes a tree, symbolising life and a perpetual relation between the sky and the earth, thus wrapping up the story.
The collection of nine silhouettes characterised the ease in the materials, silhouettes and atmosphere.

A very poetic, soft and light approach through the colour palette, fabric choice (such as chiffon, silk, transparent net, horse fur) and sewing technique has a counterpoint in the huge, hairy crochets made out of hemp and the big trunk wooden shoes.

Creative & art direction: Kairos Studio
Photography: Cecilia Poupon
Additional Photography: Clara Giaminardi
Video: Sebastian Vargas & Pablo Perez