little Marta

Tools of love made for the pleasures of Marta's daily rituals.

Fashion Artefacts / Materials: Found objects and materials, copper, brass, buffalo horn, camel bone, feathers, leather, pear wood, rubber

The project is a voyeuristic intimate journey into little Marta’s life. Through little inventions and alterations she turns an ordinary routine into an extraordinary ritual. In doing this, she creates a safe space to feel beautiful, free, loved and accepted. The work speaks about creativity, about curiosity, the freedom of imagination and the liberty of making and living our own rules and realities. It’s about a perspective of life, a re-consideration of the ordinary and the normal. A world of fantasy which as well tackles the questions of luxury, self-made and re-used, re-purposed. Luxury which is described as a refinement of living, a pleasure out of the ordinary allowed to oneself, or even, quoting V&A’s exhibition ‘What is luxury? – “having the potential to unlock dreams of being somewhere or someone else, luxury exist at the boundaries of daily routines and systems but relies on notions of breaking out”. It’s the freedom of imagination and the liberty of making the world on our terms and use the things around us in a more resourceful and meaningful way. The story depicts a portrait of myself, embodying some of the characteristics I inherited from my grandma Marta.

The Perfu_Me is a perfume bottle with turning feathers. While tickling the neck the feathers are spreading the applied perfume all over the neck creating an enchanting aura of smell.

The Brushher is a turning multi comb that takes care of our knots while delivering an extremely pleasuring brush. There are 4 different sizes and densities of spikes, making our hair go from messy to casual to ultra neat in a heartbeat.

The Nail_Polisher is a fashion artefact that flips and turns the nail polish flask out of the pocket while holding the hand in a polishing position allowing to the other one to polish the nails with zero effort.

The Tooth Paste+Brush gathers a toothpaste, a squeezing mechanism and a toothbrush into one unit that makes the tooth brushing effortless. With just one move the tooth paste is pushed through the corridor directly on the tooth brush without further effort!

The Back Scratcher comes with changeable heads and a flipping sharpening file in order to deliver a customised fulfilling scratch as never felt before!

The Head_Rest_Nest is a hat with flipping sleeping goggles made from black feathers and brass. It is a safe space to dream or fantasise about anything completely freely, discarding any unpleasant consequence or judgement.

Photography: Michelle Marshall, Cecilia Poupon, Clara Giaminardi