Little Marta

Collectable objects made for the pleasures of simple daily rituals, carrying the imprint of the absent creator.

Fashion Artefacts.

Little Marta’s artefacts are mechanized self-invented grooming tools that the imaginary character, little marta, creates on her own. Through little inventions and alterations she turns the ordinary routine into extra-ordinary ritual, making it a safe place to feel beautiful, free, loved and cuddled.the project is about re-consideration of the ordinary, inspired by materials themselves and backed up with man-made adjustments and the beautifying tools research. It talks about freedom of imagination and the liberty of making the world on our own terms.

The Perfu_Me is an enchanting beauty! By opening the tap of the bottle she pure the perfume on her fingers and applies it on two sides of her neck. After that she rotates the feathers and spread the perfume all over her upper part creating an enchanting aura of smell.

The Brushher is a pleasuring artefact that takes care of our hair! If you have a soft spot for hairbrush- ing...this is the guy! The Brushher is a multi comb designed in a way that the utiliser can easily turn it around and choose the right pick for the day.All together there are 4 different sizes or densities of spikes. Making our hair go from messy to casual to ultra neat

The Nail Polisher is an artefact that takes care of our nails. In fact it holds one hand in polish- ing position while allowing to the other one to polish the nails with zero effort. Using the Nail_polisher is easy. With a simple pull of the rod on the circular part of the artefact we activate the flip and turn of the bottle. This automatised move makes it very easy to use the artefact since we really need just one hand to open the bottle and start applying our favourite colour on the eager nails.

The Tooth Paste+Brush combines a tooth brush, a squeezing mechanism and a tooth paste in one unit. With just one move the tooth paste is pushed through the corridor directly on the tooth brush, where she is ready to be spalmed on our funky teeth without further effort!

The Mono Scratcher is an Artefact for scratching the back or other body areas for the sake of stopping the itch of any kind as well as for giving pure scratchy pleasure. In order to please even the most demanding situations The (Mono) Scratcher is designed in a way that the utilizer can change the scratching heads and even sharpen them on the flipping file on the bottom part of the Artefact in exchange for a customised fulfilling scratch!

The Head Rest Nest consist of a safe space where the utiliser places the head and flips down the good-night goggles shouting down the surroundings and making a quiet dreamy space. The designed shape on the back of the Head rest nest allows to rest the head on a tree trunk or public lights in case of a sleep at- tack while outside. The Head rest nest is a safe space to dream or fantasise about anything completely freely, discarding any unpleasant consequence or judgement.

Creative & art direction: Kairos Studio
Photography: Cecilia Poupon
Model: Nèomie Balazs
Video: Sebastian Vargas & Pablo Perez

Additional photography: Clara Giaminardi

Intro Photography: Helga, Michelle Marshall