Object for Self-Reflection

An object which invite us to take a moment to self-reflect, to contemplate .

Interactive Sculpture.

The Object for Self-Reflecting was created for the International Talent Support competition for its Artwork category and It won the SWATCH ARTWORK prize.

It is a piece that generates an intimate space for self-reflection. It plays around the literal (self) reflecting of the eye and the profound connection that is established between the object and the beholder. On the “entrance” of the object, there is a magnifying lens placed in front of a mirror that lives inside of the object. When looking inside of the object the magnified reflecting eye stares back to the person emphasizing not just the eye, but as well the current emotional state. An eye opening experience!

It is made mainly out of (recycled) supplied Swatch material such as clear acrylic watch packagings and sunglasses parts combined with additional resin, acrylic, copper, mirror and magnifying lens.

Part of the brief was to make an Artwork that is colourful. That is why a special material was incorporated between the spikes. In this way, the object, when illuminated, reflects the colours on the wall.

“ The winner of the Swatch Award is Slovenian designer Jana Zornik with her brilliantly minimalistic artwork that speaks of introspection. An aesthetically delightful objet d’art, the piece was made of deconstructed parts of Swatch watch packaging, combined with acrylic. Interested in the idea of self-reflection, Zornik included a magnifying lens and the mirror in her piece, so a person looking through it receives the stare back from their own enlarged eye. “Initially, I wanted to create a box with a reflection that would in fact create an endless self-reflecting space, a space to escape and separate the world around you.

Although the form has eventually changed, the main idea remained similar – you can take a look inside and face your inner self for a moment,” explained the designer. An inspiring and intimate piece of art, it also shows Zornik’s unique way of approaching the brief. As her works are usually marked by a rather muted palette, the designer incorporated the color not in the artwork itself, but as a reflection on the wall. “I used special material inside the spikes, so when the light is shining through the piece, there is a colourful reflection on the wall,” she explains.”

Monika Mroz for IGNANT, 2016

“Sometimes the results are very interesting: this was the case of winner Jana Zornik, who realised a sort of reverse kaleidoscope, incorporating a mirror into it, that shows the viewer an image of his or her own eye, encouraging a surprising, total reflection with him or herself. The structure looks like a stalactite, and is actually made of several plexiglas parts, fragments of Swatch cases, creatively re-elaborated and upcycled. What is prized here is creativity, and ideas that makes the difference, actually, like this one was. These ideas are like pure gold, in a reality that is more and more uniformed, in which fashion culture and the courage to be different are missing.”

Francesca Zaccagnini for The Blonde Salad, 2016

Main picture: Object image courtesy of © Swatch

Creative & art direction of the movies and editorial pictures: Kairos Studio
Photography: Cecilia Poupon
Model: Nèomie Balazs
Films: Sebastian Vargas, Pablo Perez, Erika Marthins