little Marta

Self-made mechanized grooming artefacts assembeled by the fearless creator, little Marta are turning daily ordinary rutines into extraordinary rituals and offering a life of one's own.

Artefacts: Personal objects. Instalation.

The project is a voyeuristic intimate journey into little Marta’s life. Through little alterations of gathered found materials she creates little inventions that turn an ordinary routine into an extraordinary ritual. In doing this, she creates a space to feel free, loved and accepted. The work speaks about creativity, about curiosity, the freedom of imagination and the liberty of living on our own terms. It’s about a perspective of life, a re-consideration of the ordinary and the normal. A world of fantasy which as well tackles the questions of luxury, self-made and re-used, re-purposed. Luxury which is described as a refinement of living, a pleasure out of the ordinary allowed to oneself, or even, quoting V&A’s exhibition ‘What is luxury? – “having the potential to unlock dreams of being somewhere or someone else, luxury exist at the boundaries of daily routines and systems but relies on notions of breaking out”. It’s the freedom of imagination and the liberty of making the world on our terms and use the things around us in a more resourceful and meaningful way.

Little by little all the hoarded materials, debris, junk, semi dismantled objects that were acquired through time found their way into luxurious loving grooming devices. There was an AHA! moment when a twig met a banded rod, a tooth from a comb found a rod and a piece of plumbery was joined with a leather strap and a horse hair brush. Suddenly they became alive…

Photo 1: Michelle Marshall,
Photo 2-10: Process pictures, personal archive.

Artefact 1, 2015.
Personal object.

Artefact 1 gathers a toothpaste, a squeezing mechanism and a toothbrush into one unit that makes the tooth brushing effortless. With just one move the tooth paste is pushed through the corridor directly on the tooth brush without further effort!

18 cm x 9 cm x12 cm

Vege-tanned leather, copper, bras, steel, pear wood, rubber, ABS plastic, Colgate paste, cut ratchet ring spanners, horse hair brush.

Photo 11: Clara Giaminardi
Photo 12: Michelle Marshall

Artefact 2: The Back Scratcher, 2015.
Personal object.

Artefact 3: The Back Scratcher comes with changeable heads and a flipping sharpening file in order to deliver a customised fulfilling scratch as never felt before!

Scretcher: 8cm x 3cm x 60cm
Heads: 8cm x 3cm x 12cm

Copper, brass, horn, file, plumbing bits, paper with resin.

Photo 13,15: Clara Giaminardi
Photo 14: Cecilia Poupon
Photo 16: Helga

Artefact 3: The Nail Polisher , 2015.
Personal object.

Artefact 2: The Nail Polisher is a fashion artefact that flips and turns the nail polish flask out of the pocket while holding the hand in a polishing position allowing to the other one to polish the nails with zero effort.

14cm x 10 cm x 4cm

Copper, bras, nail polish, camel bone, found stones.

Photo 17,18: Clara Giaminardi

Artefact 4: The Perfu_Me, 2015.
Personal object.

Artefact 4: The Perfu_Me is a perfume bottle with turning feathers. While tickling the neck the feathers are spreading the applied perfume all over the neck creating an enchanting aura of smell.

33 cm x 25 cm x 8 cm

Stripped coque feathers, copper, bras, a remade part of an umbrela out of pear wood.

Photo 19: Michelle Marshall
Photo 20: Clara Giaminardi

Artefact 5: The Brushher, 2015.
Personal object

Brushher is a pleasuring artefact that takes care of our hair! If you have a soft spot for hairbrush- ing...this is the guy! The Brushher is a multi comb designed in a way that the utiliser can easily turn it around and choose the right pick for the day.
All together there are 4 different sizes or densities of spikes. Making our hair go from messy to casual to ultra neat

20 cm x 34 cm x 16 cm

Copper, bras, copper pleated iron, camel bone, buffalo horn, pear wood.

Photo 21, 22: Clara Giaminardi

Artefact 6: The Head-Rest-Nest, 2015.
Personal object

The Head-Rest-Nest is a nest for the head and the mind. It coensist of the big wooden brim, that protects from all kinds of weather and the flipping feathered sleep googles that block away the souraundings and create a dreamy space. The crown of the hat was initially made out of a bird nest, which disappeared at the end and stayed present only in spirit and name. The Head-Rest-Nest is a safe space to dream and fantasise about anything freely withought consequence or judgment.

56cm x 42cm x 16cm

Found wood, bras, black feathers.

Photo 23: Michelle Marshall
Photo 24: Cecilia Poupon

Little Marta's Artefacts presentation;
for International Talent Support, 2016.

Video: Kane Doe

Little Marta,
Instalation, Velenje Gallery, SI, 2021-22.

Sound on!

Conveying an imprint, a presence of an absent creator surrounded by her orchestra of groomers.

Photo: Peter Žagar